Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ventura County Planning Commissin

Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ventura County Planning Commissin
Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ziyka, Ventura County Planning Commission

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Carlos Siderman, Property ID sued for false advertising, defamation, unfair trade practices - Deer Creek Ranch Malibu

Property I.D. Sued for False Advertising, Defamation and Unfair Trade Practices. During the course of the investigations and lawsuits it is revealed that Carlos Siderman lied when he stated Property ID was formed in 1974 when it was actually formed in 1994. It was also revealed that Carlos Siderman who did not even graduate from college had been representing himself to others as a lawyer. According to sworn declarations by his son and ex-wife, it was stated that Carlos Siderman forged a fake certificate of graduation which he place on his office wall.

Thu Jan 17, 2008

 Property I.D. Also Facing Charges of Malicious Prosecution Following Dismissal
of Lawsuits Against Former Employees

    SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- National Disclosure
Authority (NDA), an independent hazard disclosure company, has announced that
it has filed a lawsuit ("NDA, et al, v. Property I.D., et al") against
Property I.D. (PID) for anticompetitive activities.
    The Lawsuit against PID cites a number of unlawful anticompetitive activities
engaged in by PID in the marketplace. The lawsuit includes claims for unfair
and unlawful competition, trade libel, misappropriation of trade secrets,
conversion, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage, and
false advertising of its products, services, and claims regarding PID's
insurance coverage. For example, the lawsuit states that PID has falsely
advertised that each of its reports is a "$20,000,000 Insured Product."
    "Throughout the proceedings, PID vigorously resisted any disclosure of its
insurance policies," said Ronald Arena, Esq., attorney for NDA. "We are
encouraged in our suit by the fact that PID has not claimed that its insurance
representations from 2002 to 2007 were true," he added. The Court recently
denied PID's motion to prevent the disclosure of its insurance policies, and
demanded that it make its insurance brokers available for deposition. The
Court also recently denied PID's attempt to have the case against it
    "NDA has amassed an abundance of information regarding the anticompetitive
acts engaged in by PID," said Arena. "Moreover, we believe that NDA will
prevail on its claims against Property ID."
    "Property I.D. is attempting to distract their clients from the real
issue -- their false insurance representations -- by using mud-slinging
tactics and hoping to focus attention elsewhere. No matter how many false
claims and personal attacks they make against their competitors, they cannot
escape the fact that they lied to their clients, and continue to do so," said
Sergio Siderman, founder and president of NDA.
    Litigation Against Property I.D.
    In early 2007, the majority of PID's management team left the Company when
they discovered a number of misrepresentations being made by PID to its
clients, including, but not limited to: the discovery that PID was only
carrying half the amount of insurance it was advertising; that company owner
Carlos Siderman falsely claimed to being an attorney while conducting legal
presentations; and that the Company was actually formed in 1994, nearly two
decades later than PID advertised.
    Property I.D. filed lawsuits against many of its former employees who left
the company in 2007, in an attempt to harass and intimidate them from joining
NDA. Most of PID's lawsuits have already been dismissed.
    In an unusual turn of events, reports have come in that PID has begun
harassing and threatening lawsuits against real estate brokerages who choose
to move away from PID and towards competitors. "If their desired result is to
push business our way, it's working," said Genaro Trejo, Vice President and
CFO for NDA.
    In the last 24 months, PID has been sued by the U.S. Dept. of Justice for
violating anti-kickback statutes (Secretary of U.S. Dept. of Housing v.
Property I.D., et al.); by consumers in a Federal Class Action (Berger v.
Property I.D.); by Realogy Corp. in a federal case for multiple breaches of
contract (Realogy v. Property I.D.); by Coldwell Banker for sending its agents
unsolicited reports and invoices (Coldwell Banker v. Property I.D.); by Nutmeg
Insurance Company for declaratory relief (Nutmeg v. Property I.D.); and by a
real estate agent for PID's inaccurate flood determination on her property
(Blasko v. Kirk, et al).
    Copies of any of the lawsuits filed against Property I.D. by the U.S.
Department of Justice, Class Action plaintiffs, Realogy, Coldwell Banker, or
NDA, can be obtained at
SOURCE  National Disclosure Authority

Maria Cordova of National Disclosure Authority, 1-866-918-1966

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