Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ventura County Planning Commissin

Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ventura County Planning Commissin
Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ziyka, Ventura County Planning Commission

Monday, June 2, 2014

Lawsuits against Carlos Siderman, Property ID - Deer Creek Ranch Malibu

Through the course of litigation it is discovered that Carlos Siderman has been lying about when Property ID first originated. Carlos Siderman claimed he started it in 1974. He actually started it with a partner in 1995 over two decades later. That partner is later revealed to have been a suspected drug lord. If the DEA and LAPD knew his partner was a drug lord, I would assume Carlos Siderman knew as well.

Carlos Siderman, Property ID sued by his son Sergio Siderman for unfair and unlawful competition, defamation per se, trade libel, misappropriation of trade secrets, malicious prosecution, conversion, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage, false advertising.

Carlos Siderman, Property ID, Deer Creek Ranch Malibu, lawsuit, false advertising, defamation

Mirta Siderman Carlos Siderman's ex-wife writes a declaration against Carlos Siderman. In her declaration she states Carlos Siderman did not start Property ID in 1974 but in 1994. Corporation documents show it was started in 1995. Mirta Siderman states she was married to Carlos Sider from 1971 to 1994. He was involved in construction and steel doors before 1994. Carlos Siderman did not even arrive in the US until 1976. 

Carlos Siderman, Property ID, Deer Creek Ranch Malibu, lawsuit, false advertising, defamation

In this same statement Carlos Siderman's son Sergio Siderman makes a statement. Sergio Siderman states he worked at Property ID with his father Carlos Siderman from 1993 to 2007. I believe he meant 1994. Carlos Siderman fired his son when his son questioned certain business transactions and policies. After Carlos fired his son he defamed him. Sergio started his new business and Carlos tried to destroy it by defaming Sergio. Carlos went so far and so low to send a defamatory flyer about Sergio's business to his clients. Sergio claims that Property ID made no profits in 2006 and 2007.

Sergio Siderman stated that Carlos Siderman lied when he said he is a lawyer. In actuality Carlos Siderman does not have a college or law degree. He most certainly never passed the bar. Sergio Siderman states that Carlos Siderman forged a law degree and hung it on his wall. Carlos Siderman for many years at many public business events held himself out to be an attorney but he is not.

Carlos Siderman, Property ID, not an attorney, no college degree
Carlos Siderman hired an attorney to find plaintiffs to file a frivolous and meritless class action lawsuits against all his competitors. That lawsuit was dismissed as frivolous but unfortunately all the competitors were forced out of business by the false charges. Carlos Siderman also falsely claimed they were the oldest property disclosure business. That is totally untrue.

Carlos Siderman, Property ID, lawsuit, Sergio Siderman, hazard, insurance, fraud, false advertising
When it was revealed that Property ID was started in 1994 and not 1976, Carlos Siderman corrected the falsity in Property ID's website. Very recently he has changed the origination date back to 1976. Below is an image of the page from today.
Carlos Siderman, Property ID lies about origination date. It is not 1976 but 1994.

Below is a copy of the true corporation ID number and origination date. Property ID was formed in 1994 not 1976.
Carlos Siderman, Property ID 1994 not 1976
More lawsuits
Civil Results
Party Name CourtCaseNOSDate FiledDate Closed
1Siderman, Carlos (cd)cacdce2:2007-cv-0315479005/14/200707/09/2007
2Siderman, Carlos (cd)cacdce2:2008-cv-0069611002/01/200802/10/2009
3Siderman, Carlos (pla)cacdce2:1982-cv-0177289004/12/198209/13/1996
4Siderman, Carlos (pla)cacdce2:2007-cv-0102819002/14/200702/21/2012
5Siderman, Carlos (pla)cacdce2:2008-cv-0069611002/01/200802/10/2009
6Siderman, Carlos A. (dft)gandce1:1987-cv-0169819007/29/198707/20/1988
Appellate Results
Party Name CourtCaseNOSDate FiledDate Closed
7Siderman, Carlos (pty)09cae93-15819005/06/199302/11/1994
8Siderman, Carlos (pty)09cae95-55506389004/14/199507/20/1995
9Siderman, Carlos (pty)09cae09-55364411003/12/200904/26/2010

Even more lawsuits against Property ID

Civil Results
Party Name CourtCaseNOSDate FiledDate Closed
1Property ID Affiliates 1 LLC (dft)cacdce2:2005-cv-0537389007/25/200501/28/2009
2Property ID Affiliates LLC (dft)cacdce2:2007-cv-0028811001/11/200710/18/2007
3Property ID Associates LLC (dft)cacdce2:2005-cv-0537389007/25/200501/28/2009
4Property ID Associates LLC (dft)cacdce2:2007-cv-0028811001/11/200710/18/2007
5Property ID California LLC (dft)cacdce2:2005-cv-0537389007/25/200501/28/2009
6Property ID California LLC (dft)cacdce2:2007-cv-0028811001/11/200710/18/2007
7Property ID Corporation (cd)cacdce2:2007-cv-0102819002/14/200702/21/2012
8Property ID Corporation (cd)cacdce2:2007-cv-0315479005/14/200707/09/2007
9Property ID Corporation (dft)cacdce2:2005-cv-0537389007/25/200501/28/2009
10Property ID Corporation (dft)cacdce2:2006-cv-0562719009/07/200603/01/2007
11Property ID Corporation (dft)cacdce2:2007-cv-0028811001/11/200710/18/2007
12Property ID Corporation (pla)cacdce2:2007-cv-0102819002/14/200702/21/2012
13Property ID Corporation (pla)cacdce2:2007-cv-0315479005/14/200707/09/2007
14Property ID of California Inc (dft)cacdce2:2005-cv-0537389007/25/200501/28/2009

and more
Appellate Results
Party Name CourtCaseNOSDate FiledDate Closed
117Property ID Affiliates 1, LLC (pty)09cae09-55278389002/25/200906/23/2009
118Property ID Associates, LLC (pty)09cae09-55278389002/25/200906/23/2009
119Property ID California, LLC (pty)09cae09-55278389002/25/200906/23/2009
120Property ID Corporation (pty)09cae09-55278389002/25/200906/23/2009
121Property ID of California, Inc. (pty)09cae09-55278389002/25/200906/23/2009

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