Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ventura County Planning Commissin

Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ventura County Planning Commissin
Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ziyka, Ventura County Planning Commission

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Appeal hearing before the Board of Supervisors today

We will be posting video from the appeal hearing today at the Board of Supervisors as soon as it is available.

Before the meeting started the lobbyist most likely paid by Lisa Siderman named Cheline Lundin put stickers on 2/3 of the chairs in the room. This caused there not to be enough room for Isis Preservation supporters to fit in the room. Some sat outside in the lobby and viewed the meeting on the tv screens.

Before the meeting an elderly woman with white hair came over to the supporters side and said "No tigers! No Russians!!!" directly in the face of Irena, Sophia and their lawyers. This same person whom I will name when I am 100% positive of her name then confronted a supporter physically. Security had to repeatedly warn this old white hair woman to control herself or she would be ejected and could be jailed. Before the hearing in the lobby these people stated that "someone should pick them off with a sharp shooter," "these people will never be our neighbor." During the meeting they stated that people might "cut open the cages and free the tigers."

At a previous hearing Planning Commissioner stated she would be able to see the roof of the enclosure from the Serrano horse trail. This was a bold face lie. There is no place on the trail where one could see the roof. Today Lisa Siderman showed photos stating you could see the side of the house from 1.2 miles away and below the structure. This proves Commissioner Nora Audukis lied when she stated she'd be able to see the roof. The side of the house will always be visible no matter if there are enclosures or not. The Hausers offered to put camoflague netting and add more trees need be.

Many other similar and very disgusting things happened before the hearing and afterward. These included falsified emails, defamation, libel, slander, threats to children and much much more.

One interesting thing came up today. It turns out Irena is an aerospace engineer who graduated from UCLA cum laude. She worked on the docking mechanism of the Space Shuttle. More tomorrow.

We do not know the plans of Isis Preservation at this time. We do know that one must appeal a Planning Commission decision to the Board of Supervisors. The BOP are voted in. They are not appointed. Therefore the BOP would want to do what what most people in Ventura county who can vote want to do. The case cannot be appealed to the State level until after it's appealed and denied by the BOP.

One last interesting thing was that the eight year old son of a supporter noted today that the detractor's logo is in fact a double negative. This means their logo actually means "yes, tigers."

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