Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ventura County Planning Commissin

Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ventura County Planning Commissin
Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ziyka, Ventura County Planning Commission

Friday, July 11, 2014

Isis Preservation on 20/20, Good Morning America - White tiger sanctuary Malibu

Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Sophia are on 20/20. Below is a three minute intro clip to the segment which will be aired later today. Only the white tiger in this video belongs to Isis Preservation. The other tigers, alligator, snake, bear belong to other people. It was a bit irresponsible of the video crew to all those other images. Dumped unwanted alligators and snakes have nothing to do with this situation.

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The two real estate "experts" don't know what they are talking about. The Playboy Mansion has a zoo. Ellen Degeneres bought the home next door few months ago for $35 million. She just sold it for $50 million. The Playboy Mansion's zoo did not affect the property value. Some of their animals freely roam the compound. Currently there are wild mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, foxes, raccoons... around the property. That has not affected the property value either.

Barbara Corcoran is not a real estate agent, broker or appraiser. She is a TV personality who lives in New York. She is not a real estate "mogul." She had a business which she sold which wrote about real estate trends. She knows nothing about animals or how they related to property values.

Daniel Irwin Bercu at 11345 PACIFIC VIEW DR, MALIBU, CA 90265 is a real estate broker since 1992. What he said is completely untrue. Currently almost all the neighbors have horses, dogs and other farm animals. Statistics show you're more likely to be attacked and killed by a horse, dog or other farm animal than a tiger. A home next door to a property with an animal enclosure would not be worthless.

Irena Hauser, Sophia Kryszek, Isis Preservation, Deer Creek, white tiger, Malibu, California

Irena Hauser, Sophia Kryszek, Isis Preservation, Deer Creek, white tiger, Malibu, California

Irena Hauser, Sophia Kryszek, Isis Preservation, Deer Creek, white tiger, Malibu, California

Irena Hauser, Sophia Kryszek, Isis Preservation, Deer Creek, white tiger, Malibu, California

Below is transcript of the above video.

"Back now at 7:42. Outraged homeowners in a wealthy malibu neighborhood fighting to prevent their neighbors from keeping tigers in their backyard. The neighbors say they're not breaking any laws but the homeowners needless to say feel it's a risk to their safety and also their property value. That is know not a tiger. They got more than tiger. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis will tell you more. ? Reporter: High above malibu, California, amidst the cliffs and views is a rustic neighborhood called deer park. Nanette and Dan thought their home here was their castle. Until one day they say something reared its ugly head. The threat is something they never anticipated. Ooh. Reporter: A white siberian tiger, trainers irina Howser and Sophia creshak brought one in a temporary cage to show us. Around this entire area would be a perimeter fence with barbed wire on top. Reporter: The sisters thought it would be a formality to get a permit to permanently keep the tigers on their property. They thought wrong. They are our closest neighbors and a tiger can get here in 30 seconds. Reporter: The family lives a few hundred yards away. We're a young family. Last thing we want to worry about is tigers getting lose and eating our children. Reporter: They weren't the only ones upset. Signs went up all along the roadside. Deer creek not tiger creek. As mothers we empathize. It is safe. No tiger has ever escaped a property and gone to a neighboring property and killed anybody. Reporter: But Dan bercu isn't just a concerned father, he's in the real estate business. A property adjacent to a wild animal preserve is basically worthless. Reporter: It's come up before. It's legal to own exotic animals of some sort in 29 states so homeowners in a Cincinnati neighborhood had to worry about this 16-foot python and imagine how residents at this mountain pleasant, South Carolina, apartment felt when they discovered this skin from an african viper. Going through what we've gone through and maybe die from some rare african viper. Reporter: How do you think they felt about a girl parading her pet bear cub on the front lawn. Animals and real estate, never a mix. From a barking door next door will diminish your value to a lion down the street. What you got to do is check out the neighborhood before you make the offer and most people don't. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Rebecca Jarvis, ABC news, New York. I love that. Barbara Corcoran. Barking dog, the lion down the street. A common problem. Wow. You can see more of this incredible story. Rebecca's report tonight "20/20" on ABC 10:00, 9:00 central. Who is one of the hosts? I've heard of it. I heard he has fabulous hair. Just a clue. Coming up, the lady in red."

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