Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ventura County Planning Commissin

Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ventura County Planning Commissin
Isis Preservation, Irena Hauser, Ziyka, Ventura County Planning Commission

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Support letter from animal friend, Isis Preservation, Malibu

Support letter from animal friend. Letter states neighbor Carlos Siderman bulldozed a protected creek, oak trees, brush and leveled land over the sanctuary property and the state park. These are violations.

Documents attached to support letter concerning Carlos Siderman. All of these letters and reports are fair and privileged as they are public documents and were made to government agencies.

Carlos Siderman history of lawsuits

Press release about Carlos Siderman being sued by the Department of Justice, Housing Urban Development for illegal kickbacks. He was forced to disgorge ill gotten gains in a class action lawsuit. His son Sergio was forced to sue him for defamation and unfair trade practices.

Carlos Siderman was sued by his son Sergio for many horrible things

Sworn statement by Mirta Carlos Siderman's ex-wife of many years. She states he lies about starting Property ID in 1976. He started it in 1994. He did not graduate from college even though he tells people he's a real estate attorney

Sworn statement by Sergio Carlos Siderman's son. He states he forged a law school diploma and put it on his office wall. He did not even finish college. He tells people he's a lawyer when he's not. He lied about the amount of insurance he had on Property ID products. Many other horrible things

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